How to Make a New Year’s Resolution in 2018

How to Make a New Year’s Resolution in 2018

It is tradition for most individuals to make a New Year’s resolution. This resolution is often made towards the first of the year. For some, New Year’s resolutions are goofy, but for others they are serious. If you want to make a serious New Year’s resolution and actually turn yours into a reality, continue reading on for a few helpful tips.

Think about it. As previously stated, not everyone takes New Year’s resolutions seriously, but you should. This is your chance to change something you don’t like or improve your life. Your New Year’s resolution can be to lose weight, spend more time with your family, or get out of debt. Regardless of what you choose, think about it first. Don’t just go with the first thought that pops into your mind. Instead, think about what you truly want to change or improve in your life.

New Year’s resolutions are often shared at a New Year’s Eve party or on the first day of the year. If you haven’t taken the time to think about your resolution, don’t jump. There is no law saying you have to have a set resolution in place by the first of the year. New Year’s resolutions are designed to change and improve lives, so give it time if you must. Better yet, start thinking ahead.

Stay realistic. If you want to have your New Years resolution be more than just a goal, but a reality, you need to keep reality in mind. It is important to be realistic when setting your goal. For example, do you want to get out of debt? The harder you work towards your goal, the more likely you are to obtain it. However, it is possible to get out from under a $5,000 debt in one year, but others find it impossible to do with $50,000. So, if your goal is to get out of debt, set a reasonable dollar amount. If you meet it, good. If you surpass it, even better.

In terms of reality, it is important to know what you can and can not do. As previously stated, you may not be about to overcome a $50,000 debt in one year. That doesn’t mean you can’t try. It is also does not mean you should give up if you don’t see immediate results. You have all year to turn your New Year’s goal into a reality, so don’t rush it. Give it time and never give up if you don’t see immediate results.

Be specific. In fact, you should not only be specific, but break down your Near Year’s resolution into mini goals. In keeping with the resolution of getting out of debt, start with secured loans. These are loans in which you may lose something if payment is not made, like your car or home. Next, target those small, but still important debts. Do you owe $50 to your family doctor? Pay those bills next, as they are easy.

By creating small mini goals, you have a set plan in place. You essentially have a guide to follow. This makes accomplishment easy. Mini goals will also serve as a source of motivation. When you are able to cross something from your to-do list, you feel a sense of pride. That pride will want you to continue on and you likely will.

Write it down. As stated above, New Year’s resolutions are commonly shared among friends at a party. This is great as others are aware of your goals and can provide you support, but be sure to write yours down. Place it in a prominent location, such as in your wallet, refrigerator, or office desk. Each time you see your resolution written, it serves as a source of motivation.

In short, New Year’s resolutions are optional. There is no law saying you have to make one, but why not? It is a new year and your chance to improve your life. So, what are you waiting for? Start thinking about your New Year’s resolution today.

Happy New Year 2018

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Bass Fishing For The Home Kitchen

Bass Fishing For The Home Kitchen

Bass Fishing for the home kitchen was the way of life for many in the good old days for many in the States and elsewhere.  There are no Bass in the lakes of Finland, however there is said to be a migration of Sea Bass moving up the Norway coast as the climate warms up more.

Bass fishing is one of the most common types of fishing. Many bass fish are found in bayou water and salt water. They also move through lakes, ponds, reservoirs and streams. If you know the basics regarding conditions and places where bass are likely to be, you will have more success when you fish for them.

Many variables change the location of bass, such as water conditions, water levels, weather, and light and food availability. There are three main elements that must be present in a body of water in order for bass to survive: Food, oxygen, and cover.

Bass Fishing For The Home Kitchen
Bass image

Bass fishing for the home kitchen explained

A bass’ favorite meal is crawfish, which they prefer over shad. Basically, crawfish are usually more plentiful and they are easy for the Bass to catch. However, a bass will typically eat anything from rats, mice, ducklings, frogs, snakes, salamanders, worms, lizards, grubs, baitfish, insects, and leeches. Their ability to feast on one thing above another is why many people find such enjoyment from fishing bass.

Oxygen is another key component in finding bass fish. The basic rule of thumb is that the cooler the water, the more oxygen content. Therefore, if you are fishing in the spring, summer or early fall, you will find that the larger bass will drop down lower to find the cooler and more oxygen-filled water. They will also swim to find areas that are more concentrated in vegetation in order to find a better oxygen source. Trees, stumps, wind-blown banks, and power plants are all good sources of oxygen that will attract bass fish.

A bass relies on cover for a means of protection and way of ambush. Cover is part of a bass’ survival. The bass is known as a lazy fish, so they will hide and wait for their prey to come to them. The other reason for cover is that bass fish do not have eyelids and the cover is a way to prevent blindness. Some common cover areas to find bass in are around fabricated wood structures such as fencerows, docks, and pilings. They have been known to hide under floating pieces of wood or decaying wood. Weeds are the second best place to hunt for bass. Finally, rocks are the third place that bass will find cover. Rocks are not as reliable as weeds or wood, but sometimes a bass will find decaying pieces of food to feast on within some rocks. Remember that rocks do not produce oxygen, so the source is not as consistent.

When it comes to fishing, everyone has a different opinion. You will often find that these opinions range in location and source. However, there are some lures and baits that are recommended for bass fishing that may be useful if you haven’t tried them. Tequila colored 7-inch worms with added scent are recommended, as well as Rebel Wee-Rs. Hellgrammites are thought to be the best live bait, and many will say that you don’t need big lures to attract big bass. Everyone will tell you to tie up to an embankment, or find a dock to get close to, but it is really an art that could take years to perfect.

Bass are notorious for slow moving and lack of distance in their movements. Logically, you could sit 30 feet from the biggest bass of your life, and he is not going to swim to your bait out of pure laziness. Finding the exact spot is difficult and a lot of fishing has to do with luck. The only part that you can control is finding the most likely places that a bass may be and exercise some patience. Weather is important to bass as well. If it is a cloudy day, you might have more luck than on a hot summer day. However, overcast is probably ideal for water temperatures, but then you have to decide what you are willing to sit through in order to catch a fish. The bottom line with bass fishing is you can only do your best with the knowledge at hand.

Species of fish in Finland.
  1. Arctic char
  2. Asp
  3. Baltic Herring
  4. Bream
  5. Brown trout
  6. Burbot
  7. Grayling
  8. Ide
  9. landlocked salmon
  10. Perch
  11. Pike
  12. Rainbow trout
  13. Roach
  14. Rudd
  15. Salmon
  16. Sea trout
  17. Whitefish
  18. Zander
  19. other

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Starting an Orchard

Starting an Orchard

Starting an Orchard at home can be really awarding for the whole family, especially if there are lots of children in the neighborhood to enjoy the apple crop in the summer season.

If you have a large amount of land that you have not put to use, you may consider planting an orchard. If you’ve had previous experiences with planting and maintaining trees, that is an added reason why you would be perfect for maintaining an orchard. It might seem like an overwhelming thing to undertake, but it is actually fairly simple. All it takes is some commitment.

Starting an Orchard
Fruit plate

If you’ve never grown a tree on your property, you might not want to make the time and money investment of buying lots of trees. If you are inexperienced, you will want to start with just one or two trees so that you can get a feel for the growing process. Once you have seen one tree along all the way to maturity successfully, you are probably experienced enough to handle multiple trees. You should never plant so many trees that you are going to be overwhelmed, though. Only plant what you can handle.

Generally if you are getting started on a large amount of trees, you will want them to all be the same type. If they all require the same amount of water and nutrients, you won’t have to spend as much time catering individually to the different types of tree. As an added benefit, you will become very familiar with the process of growing that specific tree. You won’t be overwhelmed by having many different types, but instead you will become a master of that specific type.

If you already have a tree growing on your property that you have maintained from its childhood, then you know that the soil is acceptable for that type of tree and ones similar to it. Since you’ve already been through the process of growing that type of tree before, you shouldn’t have any problem testing all of the soil to make sure it is similar to the segment you already planted on. Then it is just a matter of growing more trees and causing the process to be the same as it was before. Since you’ve already dealt with the same problems in the past, you probably have a good idea of how to deal with any pests that might come about during growth.

Generally in an orchard, the trees are planted in a row, then pruned to be in a two dimensional shape. This is known as either a fan or an espalier shape. There is one main branch in the center that is completely vertical, then multiple branches that go off to the side. If the side branches are horizontal it is known as an espalier. If they are sloped, it is known as a fan. Generally these 2 shapes are used in orchards because of how compact they are. By using them, you allow for many more trees to be in the certain amount of space. However, if land conservation is not an issue or you’re not looking to be efficient, you should probably stick with the traditional tree shape.

To aid in the watering of your trees, you should install either a sprinkler system or an irrigation system. The sprinklers require more maintenance, but if you dig an irrigation ditch then it is really easy to just run the faucet for a few minutes every day and reach all the trees. It’s just a matter of what you would prefer.

Once your tree collection starts to bear large amounts of fruit, you can consider starting a fruit stand or participating at the farmers market. Instead of letting the fruits go to waste or trying to eat them all (which can lead to some bad stomach aches), you can let the rest of the world enjoy the product of your intense labor. If you become a popular vendor, you might even make back a decent return on your investment. However, you can’t count on making very much money. Starting an orchard shouldn’t be a capitalistic investment. You should only start one if you have a passion for trees.
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Working Greenhouse Garden

Working Greenhouse Garden

Working Greenhouse Garden is a very practical concept created fro a real need in the lives of people to supply food for the families, with minimal time, energy and expense. Green house makes plants grow faster than they would in the Nordic outdoors environment, at least during the spring and autumn seasons.

How Does a Working Greenhouse Garden do it: The Benefits that Can Be Derived From Its Operations

For people who are fond of plants, flowers, vegetation, and other ornamental plants, having their own greenhouse may be a dream come true.

A greenhouse or conservatory is a type of structure where plants are developed and grown. Usually, greenhouses are made of plastic or glass. This is to allow the natural light coming from the outside environment to permeate inside.

Because of its special condition, many people are wondering why do plants have to be cultivated inside this super special structure, wherein fact, it can be grown outside with the natural forces readily made available anytime, anywhere.

The answer to this particular issue is based on how the greenhouse really works. It is only through the understanding of its full operation that people will appreciate the advantages and environmental use of greenhouses.

Working greenhouse garden with natural heat source

Putting up and maintaining a greenhouse can be a daunting task. However, the benefits that it brings not only to the environment but also to the owner of the hothouse cannot be underestimated. For one thing, greenhouses are perfect cultivating area for people who wish to grow their own vegetable farm or ornamental plants. This means that they have an all-year round supply of these items.

However, some people cannot just identify the real purpose of greenhouses because they believe that there is not so much difference between the outside environment with that of the interior condition in the greenhouse.

They say that light, water, and air are, in fact, readily made available in the natural environment. Inside the greenhouse, lights, water, and air are artificially supplied. They further contend that once the person who is in=-charge of the process has failed to do his job, chances are, the plants will die.

Hence, they insist that it would be better to cultivate the plants on its natural environment rather than locking them up in a glass-made ‘prison.”

The problem with these people is that they do not understand the main operation of the greenhouse that is why they cannot appreciate the goodness of greenhouses. They are not pleased about the benefits that greenhouses may bring.

Working Greenhouse Garden
Free Google search image.

Working greenhouse garden with solar power

Therefore, in order to gain the right appreciation of the purpose of greenhouses, here is a list of detailed facts about the real operation of greenhouses:

1. It uses solar energy

Like the natural environment, greenhouses make use of the solar energy as well. That is why greenhouses are made of glass or plastic to allow the natural light to pass through.

2. It converts the solar energy to heat

This is where the greenhouse benefits start. Basically, when the solar energy enters the greenhouse, the heat that goes along with the light are trapped inside the area. Once inside, the heat is distributed throughout the place. This is similar to the condition of a car that is parked in area with direct sunlight.

Have you ever observed that after you have parked your car in an open area with direct sunlight you can still felt he heat being trapped inside your car? Sam thing goes with the light and heat inside the greenhouse.

Generally, when the “electromagnetic radiation” of the sun enters the greenhouse, the things inside the structure like the soil, plants, and other notable material inside the place are being heat up.

Consequently, the materials that make up the greenhouse, like the glass or the plastic trap the hot air or the heat inside the room. Thus, it heats up both the air and the plants inside. Likewise, it also heats up the air close to the ground.

The main purpose of this particular structure of a greenhouse is to prevent “convection.” This is because through convection, heat is eliminated through the presence of fluids.

The main focus of the issue here is that this particular amount of heat should not escape the hothouse in order to proper growth to the plants.

It is for this reason that many people deem it more to cultivate their plants inside a greenhouse because with proper cultivation process as well as the regulated amount of light and heat present in the area, optimum plant growth and development is highly expected.

Indeed, just by looking at it, many people will still question the efficiency of greenhouses. But as soon as they understand the real concept behind eh operations within the area, they will soon realize that greenhouses are absolutely added features for the environment.

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Equipment for a Productive Greenhouse

Equipment for a Productive Greenhouse

Equipment for a productive greenhouse can make the greenhouse project more efficient and productive faster, giving he project momentum right from the beginning of the project get go.

Ever wondered how higher altitude places can grow crops in their location? Plants need enough heat and sun’s energy to grow. However, for places that are located in the northern portion of the globe, this requirement may be difficult to attain because of the nature of their weather. Thus, farmers in these places use the greenhouse method to be able to still successfully to grow good quality crops.

Equipment for a productive greenhouse

Equipment for a productive greenhouse explained

A greenhouse is an enclosed structure where plants are being cultivated. This building is usually made of glass or plastic to trap the sun’s electromagnetic radiation to warm the plants and soil inside. Having a greenhouse needs proper maintenance for a more productive crop growing. Different supplies are needed by greenhouse farmers to make this happen.

Equipment for a productive greenhouse with supplies

There are different materials and equipment needed for a greenhouse planting to be effective. Here are some examples of the supplies you will need in case you are planning to build a greenhouse:

1. Heating and cooling thermostats.

Since temperature is crucial to the efficiency of greenhouse structures, a thermostat is needed to be placed inside the building. The best location to mount it is near the middle of the greenhouse and at plant height. Also, it would be best if both the cooling and heating thermostats are protected from direct contact with water and sunlight.

2. Vents.

Greenhouse temperature and humidity should be controlled to attain perfect growing conditions. Thus, vents are needed to be able to get in more air for proper ventilation during warm seasons, or seal out air in colder times of the year.

3. Exhaust fans.

For plants to grow healthier in your greenhouse, circulation fans are needed. These fans even out the distribution of fresh air and heat inside the greenhouse.

4. Plant watering systems.

Of course, aside from heat and fresh air, plants also need water to grow. You can always do the watering on your own by having water hoses long enough to reach all parts of the greenhouse. Moreover, it would be best if you just have an automatic watering system so you don’t have to worry not having to water your plants when you are out. This watering system should be placed on a shelf above the plants then connect the droppers to the circulation tubing.

5. Benches and shelving.

These pieces of garden furniture are needed to be able to place more plants in lesser space. They are ideal for greenhouse owners doing gardening as a hobby. Also, a good-sized working bench is needed for potting and re potting of plants.

 5. Lighting

Lighting is also very important for growing plants. This will serve as the artificial sun, especially when the season does not give much heat, light and sun.

Having a good lighting system helps increase the speed of growth of plants as it provides plenty of light for longer periods of time.

7. Thermometers.

To properly maintain the ideal conditions inside the greenhouse, you will need to monitor the different factors affecting your plants’ growth. Different thermometers are needed for you to be able to track changes occurring inside the structure. Examples of these thermometers are the regular thermometer, humidity gauge, soil thermometer and the light intensity meter.

8. Ground cover.

Since weeds are known to grow anywhere, it is best to protect your soil from these weeds that carry pests and diseases to plants. To do this, you can have a ground cover as a floor to your greenhouse or cover it with soil, sand, brick and gravel.

9. Cycle timers.

To be able to automate the equipment you use in your greenhouse, you can also put a cycle timer which can accurately cycle the equipment on and off time. This is ideal for ventilation controls, irrigation, and misting. With this timer, you do not have to worry going in and out of your greenhouse to turn the machines on and off.

10. Greenhouse books and reading materials.

Continuous learning is essential for anything we do. Same goes with maintaining greenhouses. You need to be well equipped with all the necessary requirements of having more productive plant cultivation in your greenhouse. These books and magazines will also keep you updated of the latest news and recent technology releases about greenhouses.

These are just some of the main supplies you need to have a well-maintained greenhouse. There are several items available online or at your favorite garden supplies shop. Take a look at them and determine which ones will be useful to your greenhouse.

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Know Your Greenhouse Supplies

Know Your Greenhouse Supplies

Know your greenhouse supplies to be reliable and locally manufactured, regional produce is always encouraged in the food industry, ti should also be the same for the construction of a green house with local suppliers.

More and more people are maintaining a greenhouse in their own yards. Most have found it a fulfilling endeavor, not just to grow plants, but to grow plants well. Thus if this interests you, then it is best to learn the basics of a greenhouse.

Know Your Greenhouse Supplies
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What Is a Greenhouse?

The greenhouse serves as the home for young and tender plants, especially those grown out of their normal season. This is mainly designed to create a proper environment for the plant and for cultivation of the same.

It is usually made with plastic or glass-paned sloping roof and walls. This way, the temperature, light and even moisture can be easily controlled to give a balanced condition encouraging to the plants.

The greenhouse is best suited to grow plants of all kinds. The usual varieties are cacti, orchids and citrus trees. This is also a very ideal venue to implement plant research.

Ideally, the natural sunlight is sufficient to supply the requirements of plants, especially in temperate regions. However, when winter comes it is necessary to supply the plants with heat and light to encourage growth. The heat usually comes from steam or hot-air circulating system.

During the summer, the panes would be covered to reduce the light intensity. The structure of the greenhouse will allow heat to be easily reduced. This is done by opening the ventilators or whitewashing the panes.

Humidity is maintained by the water supplied in the soils. When the greenhouse needs greater humidity, the floors are usually sprayed with water. For pot-grown plants, like the orchids, they are set on racks with moistened residues.

There are many aspects that make a productive greenhouse. These generally depend on the supplies installed in the greenhouse. To know what these supplies are, just read on.

What Are the Important Greenhouse Supplies?

To have a really successful greenhouse, it is important to have the proper supplies and accessories to put in it. Listed below are several important greenhouse supplies.

Know your greenhouse supplies 1. Ventilation

This is the most important supply you can not miss out on your greenhouse. It serves to purposes, to provide carbon dioxide to plants and to cool the greenhouse. Without this, the greenhouse might just be simply your furnace.

The greenhouse is really storing the heat coming from the sun during the day, creating a warmer environment inside the greenhouse compared to the outside. Thus the ventilation fan system will be helpful in bringing in fresh and cooler air inside.

Know your greenhouse supplies  2. Heating System

The heating source is important too, especially during the nighttime and for the cold seasons to come. Generally, the heat supplied by the sun is stored by the greenhouse. At night, the heating systems will serve as the heat source.

This can be fueled by wood, gas, oil or even electricity. The choice simply depends on whatever type of fuel can be available in the locality as well the costs.

Some make use of electric heaters for smaller greenhouses. This should be treated with extra caution. It is not supposed to be exposed or be in contact to water to avoid any electric shock.

 Know your greenhouse supplies  3. Greenhouse Thermometers

It is not sufficient that you provide temperature in the greenhouse. You have to be able to control and maintain the proper temperature. The only way you can do this is to get the min/max thermometer. This records the high and low temperature of the greenhouse.

What is at stake is the valuable data that can help you determine if the heating or cooling equipment is working correctly.

Know your greenhouse supplies  4. Fog System and Watering System

Mist and fog systems are useful in any serious greenhouse. It helps in maintaining the humidity level. A good amount of humidity can also help reduce the need for water supply.

When it comes to watering the plants, it will have to depend on the type of the plant. The regular wand can be used on the average grown plants. The drip system is best for watering larger plants. This is also a good way to save on water.

For seedlings, it is ideal to use a watering system with small sprinklers, or even misting systems. Using the regular hose or wand will simply disturb the soil.

Know your greenhouse supplies  5. Lighting

Lighting is also very important for growing plants. This will serve as the artificial sun, especially when the season does not give much heat, light and sun.

6. Shading

Shades come in handy during the hot summer. They block a certain part of the rays of the sun from entering the greenhouse. This is to avoid too much heat and sunlight on a dry season. The shade is also very helpful to some plants that grow best when screened from the direct sun.

7. Flooring and Benches

The flooring details will be for the benefit of the greenhouse owner. It can be aesthetic as it polishes the image and ambiance of the greenhouse. It can also be functional. It is best to use non-skid surface so there will be not much worry during watering time. It should be easy to clean and must be able to endure the moisture in the environment.

Know your greenhouse supplies with storage and seating

Benches can also provide comfort. When attending to the plants, it would not hurt to do it while sitting. It is also a good place to observe and enjoy the fruits of your labor. This can also serve shading purposes to plants located beneath or just behind it.

With these important details at hand, you can easily come up with a master plan to get that perfect greenhouse for your plants.

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What Makes Up the Greenhouse Structure

What Makes Up the Greenhouse Structure

What makes up the greenhouse structure ? Is a great question that needs a follow up idea of the green house structure concept, meaning the purpose, and how to create with creative design in mind.

Having a garden is not just about planting crops and harvesting it. There is a lot of work to be done to protect it from disease, pests and the weather. Since these areas are usually big and require a lot of manpower, scientists have come up with a better idea.

This plan is to grow crops in a controlled environment which makes it easy to grow crops all throughout the year. This structure which can be big or small depending on the open space in the farm is known as the greenhouse.

What Makes Up the Greenhouse Structure
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What makes up the greenhouse structure so endurable?

A greenhouse is an enclosed building that is usually made up of metal, wood and glass. These structures are designed so that the farmer can grow vegetables, flowers and fruits. The person can buy one and have it assembled in the farm or have it custom made according to certain specifications.

This new method has better results than doing farming the non-organic way such as the use of sewage, irradiation, pesticides and herbicides. This is only after tests have shown that this is a health risk that does more harm than good.

A very good example which has shown that this approach is effective is the use of hydroponics farming. This technique doesn’t require the use of soil but rather water to make the plant grow. In one experiment, scientists were able to produce more tomatoes using water than it was using soil.

Since then, other ways of doing hydroponics have been done and this has helped the productivity of the farmers.

More farmers rely on free standing greenhouses. Before these can be set up in the farmland, a good location must be determined that should provide adequate sunlight and wind to help the plants grow.

What makes up the greenhouse structure use of modern materials?

The most important thing that keeps the greenhouse standing is the frame. Developers have made versions using wood, metal, aluminum and plastic. The farmer can use any of these or have one that is a combination of any of these materials. This will depend on the budget of the farmer and the type of weather conditions there is in the area.

Plants grow because of two things. The first is the nutrients that are given to it. The second is sunlight. This makes it important for the farmer to choose the right panels.

Traditional greenhouses use glass but there are many problems when these are used as panels. Since it doesn’t protect the crops from the sun and merely lets it in, too much heat can kill the plants.

When there is a hurricane or a hailstorm, rocks and other things in most cases break the glass. This will cost a lot of money on the part of farmer to replace.

In order for the farmer to make money in selling crops than paying for repairs, designers have made panels using other things such as plastic, film and Plexiglas. This is a remarkable improvement since these are shatterproof and are able to stand severe weather conditions.

These also allow only 75% of ultraviolet light to enter the greenhouse which is the sufficient amount needed to help the plants grow.

The climate is changing and that is something that people cannot change. The effects of El Niño and La Niña have made the weather worse than the year before and this is a challenge that farmers must face.

Another thing that makes up the greenhouse is the equipment needed to keep it running. Farming in a cold climate can be difficult and since plants need warmth, a heater should also be installed.

Heaters come in big and small sizes. This can be powered by electricity, using propane gas, oil and other non-renewable resources. This device gives farmers the means to meet the demands of the people especially during the winter.

Farms have also changed thanks to technology. People don’t have to till the land anymore using rakes. Greenhouses can have timers which release water mixed with nutrients at certain times of the day helping the plants grow.

Though it is quite expensive to build a greenhouse, by selecting the proper structure, the farmer can be sure that come harvest time, there will be enough crops to sell to the market and money can be made.

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Green house for your family nutritional needs

Green house for your family nutritional needs

Green house for your family nutritional needs is a practical way to keep in touch with the real world of food production, and also use it to educate the new generation in understanding the nutritional value of fresh foods, and to learn to respect food always.

A Greenhouse Kit for Both Amateur and Professional Gardeners is a great way to get introduced to the world of growing  fruit and vegetables for your family nutritional needs.
A greenhouse kit is a great way for both amateur and professional gardeners to enjoy year round gardening. Greenhouses are garden structures designed to cultivate plants by harnessing the heat generated by the electromagnetic radiation coming from the sun. The heat is retained within the structure’s walls and roof to heat the plants and the soil within it.

Green house for your family nutritional needs
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Greenhouses can be used to effectively farm various plants such as flowers, fruits and even vegetables within its controlled environment wherein humidity, condensation and light are the key factors that contribute to its effectiveness. These structures are generally freestanding however other designs may also be joined to the house or built in a lean-to manner.

The size of greenhouses also varies depending on the purpose of the structure. Miniature greenhouses may simply be a window extension that can be used for growing herbs while massive greenhouses can be as wide as block and usually for business purposes.

In previous years, greenhouses were generally custom-built with a huge price tag attached to them. But today greenhouse kits have become readily available and affordable for the enjoyment of every amateur or professional gardener.

Things to Consider When Before Buying a Greenhouse Kit

Ready-to-build greenhouse kits have become quite popular as they offer an extensive selection of sizes and styles. These kits give a gardener the opportunity to adapt the structure to the design of their garden in order to fit and match. Before choosing and buying a greenhouse kit, it is important to consider a number of factors in order to be able to select the ideal kit.

It is important to take into account the type of plants to be grown within the structure as well as the type of gardening to be done along with the climate of the region where the greenhouse structure would be assembled.

For instance, a gardener interested in planting within a wintry climate should consider a greenhouse kit that has a double-walled area that is securely sealed. On the other hand, a gardener that wants to start seed planting should think about getting a greenhouse kit constructed with plastic frames and sidings.

Greenhouse Kit Details

Greenhouse kits come in various sizes ranging from 6 feet by 8 feet to 16 feet by 24 feet. The styles of greenhouse kits are also varied to represent classic conservatory designs that are marked by the typical gable roof with straight eaves. Victorian style greenhouse kits are also available. This style features either a rustic look with wooden frames or a gothic vaulted roof with curved eaves.

In most cases, the frame of greenhouse kits are usually made either of plastic, aluminum, galvanized steel, cedar or redwood. However, many favor plastic greenhouse kits as they are more affordable and provide the smallest amount of heat loss compared to other kits.

In traditional custom-made greenhouses the siding is built with either a double or triple wall of glass in order to keep the heat trapped within. Greenhouse kits use mainly plastics that provide excellent insulation and at the same time unbreakable. Commonly plastics used are polyethylene, polycarbonate and fiberglass.

Greenhouse kits are generally easy to put together as the parts are already pre-drilled and pre-cut. There are even greenhouse kits available that use a snap-together frame for easier assembly. A reasonably priced greenhouse kit may possibly include aluminum or galvanized steel frames, a see-through plastic cover with a door incorporated into it.

The door may either be a zippered side-flap or a roll-up depending on the design of the greenhouse kit. The typical ceiling height of a greenhouse kit is about 8 feet to allow for headroom of the gardener. There are times however when a greenhouse kit may not include certain items such as shelving, flooring or anchor system.

Although some greenhouse kits provide the owner with information on how to lay down a foundation for the hothouse using any of these weather resistant materials like wood, poured concrete or even concrete patio stones. The purpose of a level-flooring surface is to provide good drainage as well as hinder wind damage for the structure. Reasonably priced floor-framing kits are readily available at gardening stores that also sell greenhouse kits.

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Strong faith and best wishes for the New Year 2016

Strong faith and best wishes for the New Year 2016

Strong faith and best wishes for the New Year 2016, is a positive line to take as the New Year 2016 is fast approaching.  Whether you call it attitude, motivation or faith, it simply means to take positive steps forward in the New Year that is coming. To get over any ruts in life that may have caused delays or personal disappointments.  With the human free will and the capacity to think rationally, people can think and make plans for a better future.

“I’d rather attempt to do something great and fail than to attempt to do nothing and succeed”.

-Robert H. Schuller

But it does require a commitment to stick to the positive personal goals and plans that are thoughtfully planned out.  Then step by step walking through the goals set put as the marks are met over time into the future. It is a logical and rational process in personal goal planning and management. There is no rational reason why anyone should fail, if they have the desire and the will to reach new personal goals in life. Of course, they also have a spiritual dimension and consequence in the real life, because humans are spiritual beings. Strong moral values are a desirable personal goal for anybody,  they don’t lose any true value over time, regardless of the gender or age,  morality is spiritually the salt of the earth and the winner overall choices of life.

Nordic cuisine

Strong faith and best wishes for the New Year 2016 and beyond

Strong faith and best wishes for the New Year 2016 is like a survival kit for a journey that is unexplored, there has never been numerical value year 2016 before, therefore, it really is a new space realm in the space of our universe.  Subjectively thinking many may think that it is all the same, nothing new under the sun, the same old same over and over. Those that think like that have a life-long habit of spinning their wheels and going nowhere.  That is a very negative approach to a life, not only negative but also unrealistic.  The real fact is that the planet earth in space and time is entering into a new time-space realm in 2016.  Where we have never been before. How and when? if at, all will that affect people at the personal level on the planet earth?  The only corner in space of the universe where humans can affect our universe is the personal space, the inner human being.  But so many people are too busy or too lazy to even bother to think about themselves, at the cognitive level. So they never know how they could have changed the direction of their life by understanding how their mind works. How they could have taken the time to write and plan out their future. And working step by step in order to reach their personal goals.

 Strong faith and best wishes for the New Year 2016

Depression and sadness can be caused by negative feelings and poor environment, which may be due to lack of creativity, not able to change the circumstances and the personal environment. Simply put a person has become stuck in a depressing rut. The way out of such rut is to be proactive.

Here are some simple steps to get out of a depressing rut:

  • Clean the house, start by removing useless rubbish and thoroughly make the living space really tidy with lots of free space.
  • Including removing clutter from table tops, benches, room corners, wardrobes and cupboards.
  • There is nothing unusual about such clean up, because in normal life things do accumulate over time and it needs to be taken care of by removing useless clutter every so often.
  • Think of the time when you first moved into the space that you live in, can you remember how much spare space there was, how the floors space was also free of clutter.
  • It may be practical to return the living space to the original state few times as a reminder of reality, and to help you keep focused on the goals that you want to achieve in life. Useless clutter can be a real distraction in the living space and it can eat up much energy and waste it.
  • The alternative is to use the energy focusing on the goals that you need to reach and do every day in order to reach the big goals in your life that you perceive to be in a situation where you are healthy, happy and content in life.
  • The beginning of the New Year is such a time to really do a thorough clean up of the home and living space, but do it with respect to the other people that may be sharing it with you.
  • Some people don’t understand how a living space can be a distraction to the personal goals in life.
  • Maybe they have no personal goals in life. So it is good idea to share the New Year clean up idea with the people that you share the living space with and the cat so that they are informed of the virtues of starting the New Year from a clean slate to make plans and clear objective goals for the New Year to work towards.
Strong faith and best wishes for the New Year 2016 for everyone

“Change your life today. Don’t gamble on the future, act now, without delay”.

-Simone de Beauvoir.

Strong faith and best wishes for the New Year 2016


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Nordic cuisine

Nordic cuisine

Nordic cuisine is often misunderstood or has had false expectations placed upon it. My interpretation of the Nordic cuisine is a minimalist approach, to view the Nordic cuisine as a reflection and a projection of the Nordic environment.  The focus is then placed on the food being primarily a source of nutrition, for health and well being.  That is the natural progression of developing understanding and appreciation for food as a vital link to life.

I choose to view food as a source of nutrition, to evaluate and judge processed food on the merits of the nutritional content, and whether it is a natural product with natural colors, flavors, and texture.

The Nordic environment is really rich in natural ingredients, that don’t need a lot of processing and manufacturing before it can be enjoyed for it is energy and the natural flavors and essential nutrients.

Nordic cuisine
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The immediate ingredients that come to mind are the Nordic berries, vegetables, and the various freshwater fish from the lakes and rivers. A much larger resource of seafood and fish are in the open seas North West of Norway coastline. Watch the above video and see some of the fresh food images from the Nordic region of Finland. Thank you for visiting Natural Nordic Nutrition website and do share the video link with your friends, thanks.

Visit the following picture gallery to view pictures from the Autumn season Baltic Herring festival on the West Coast of Finland. Baltic Herring Festival

nordic cuisine
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